The FCA’s new Consumer Duty:

What mortgage brokers need to know

The FCA’s Consumer Duty arrives on 31 July and, as a mortgage broker, you need to be ready.  


The Consumer Duty has one goal: to take the pressure off the customer by putting their interests first. 

In our guide, we’ve outlined how, by introducing strong standards of consumer care at every stage of the customer journey, the Consumer Duty encourages financial services firms to show they’re considering the needs, personalities and objectives of each customer. 

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What do brokers need to consider?

There are four ways you can build consumer relationships in your day-to-day mortgage brokering.
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Provide fair value:

Consumers pay a price for products and services that represents fair value. 

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Create suitable products and services:

Consumers get products and services designed to meet their needs, characteristics and objectives.

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Treat customers appropriately:

Consumers receive good customer service, tailored to their needs, so feel less need to switch or cancel their product or service levels.

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Build consumer confidence:

Consumers get the right information to make effective, timely and properly informed decisions about their products and services. 

Be ready! Understand how the consumer duty affects mortgage brokers.

We’re doing everything we can to support our mortgage broker customers with the roll out of the Consumer Duty, and to make it a success for their businesses.

So, we’re sharing our knowledge and have crafted conveyancing, remortgage and survey products you can count on as you transition.  

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To support you during the transition, we are sharing our expertise and have developed conveyancing, remortgage, and survey products that you can rely on.

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